The Time Speaker Universe has a lot of main characters, so, welcome to the dramatis personae for TSU.

To avoid accidentally coming across spoilers, I have cut the character lists into book sections. So not only does it help you see who are the main characters for each book, you’ll hopefully only get story spoilers if you go to a list for a book you haven’t read yet (and therefore it’s your own fault if you peek and get a spoiler). If a character isn’t here, then they’re either not a main character (and therefore probably not terribly important – or not important yet), or even their existence is a spoiler so I haven’t risked putting it in here.

Each book, where applicable, will also have a list of cameo characters who are either real life Banshii/fanclub members or real folks who have a character semi or completely dedicated to them. Cameo characters may or may not be “main” characters, I’ve just felt the need to list them.

Please use the pull down menus to find what you’re looking for.